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Global Examination

Quan Qiu Gao Kao | 全球高考

Let us reunite in a world where the gunpowder smoke has dispersed. 

Musuli, Global Examination (translated)

image from the official season 2 audio drama cover


The arrival of season 2 of the audio drama has reignited my enthusiasm, so I’m thinking of making my own English novel translation of, at least, the free-to-read chapters (1-26). If I ever decide to follow through with this, I will update here. Stay tuned!

Novel Description

Author: Musuli | 木苏里

  • Word Count: 589.5k CN characters
  • Chapters: 166
  • Tags: futuristic au, survival, system, action, mystery, amnesia, enemies to lovers, power couple, HE, 1v1 (main characters do not have other romantic partners), 无限流 (includes multiple genres/settings),
  • Rating: T
  • Content Warnings: violence, blood, non-explicit sexual content


(translated from JJWXC)

Global, large-scale, highly dangerous in nature, standardized examination, shortened to global examination. Real-life questions, pass to survive. Exam parameters refresh every month, occasionally at random. 
Main Idea: two badasses flirting with each other. 
Theme: Humans are inherently kind. 

Main Characters: You Huo 游惑, Qin Jiu 秦究 
Side Characters: Yu Wen, Di Li, Shu Xue, Wu Li 
POV: shou (bottom aka You Huo)

Radish’s Description

A global-scale exam system is pulling people randomly into an alternate dimension, forcing them to take exams with varying (read: very high) levels of difficulty and peril. Overseen by the System’s examination officers, the only way to escape seems to be passing your exams with a total score above the qualifying threshold. The System thoughtfully provides rewards for good performance, like extra points or bonus cards for special privileges. However, if you break the System’s rules, you will also be punished accordingly. Not even examiners are exempt. 

You Huo finds himself a victim of this ridiculous examination system, along with his alcoholic uncle, Old Yu, and younger cousin, Yu Wen. It’s not been long since he returned from overseas, recovering from surgery and still missing a good chunk of memories. Now, he wakes up in a snowed-in cabin in the middle of nowhere, with a room full of eclectic individuals — elderly, children, hooligans, and pregnant women. And some stupid voice is announcing the rules of an exam? What a headache. He just wants to keep sleeping. 

And speaking of headaches, it’s not long before You Huo’s disregard for rules brings the System’s examiners to their door. Leading the party is the main examiner assigned to their exam, Examiner 001… 

“Have we…met somewhere before?” 

About the Audio Drama

The first season is complete with 17 main episodes and reached the merchant ship arc. However, unfortunately, there was a lot of controversy regarding the quality of the production, so much so that the project switched hands. After a long wait, season 2 has finally dropped! Season 2 will have 15 main episodes, airing Fridays starting August 13, 2021. Given the length of this novel, I expect there to be a season 3. We’ll see!


  • You Huo: Lu Zhixing 路知行
    • Other roles: Wei Wuxian (MDZS Audio Drama and The Untamed), Xue Xian (Copper Coins/TQKS), Duan Jiayan (ILYP), Ji Xiaoli (Your Shifu is Stupid Rich)
  • Qin Jiu: Zheng Xi 郑希
    • Other roles: Bai Changyi (Your Distance / Ni de Ju Li), Xue Xiuzhuo (Qiang Jin Jiu), Ruan Fenghe (Your Master is Stupid Rich), Tang Suoyan (Liao Yuan), Shen Jue (Du Zhu You Bing) 
    • Delicious voice ❤
  • Yu Wen: Xiahou Luofeng
  • Yu Yao / Shu Xue: Yang Yang (Yang Ning)
  • Chu Yue: Xu Jiaqi
  • 154: San Tu Bi An (Peng Yao)
  • 922: Ling Fei
  • 021: Shan Xin
  • 078: Su Shangqing
  • Di Li: Hu Liangwei
  • System (Male): Chenzhang Taikang
  • System (Female): Zhang Biyu


  • In Chinese, “gao kao” (高考) refers to the standardized university entrance exams taken in the last (third) year of high school. It is shortened from “national standardized examination for higher education (university) school admissions”. Your score determines the universities you will be eligible to attend and thus influences your future prospects. In other words, it’s the most stressful exam of a student’s academic career.
    However, the “gao” in QQGK is actually from “gao wei xian xing” aka “high-danger” (as opposed to “higher education”) as per the novel description on JJWXC. (I’ve seen quite a few WB posts of, apparently, readers getting praised by their parents because the parents saw their QQGK novels and misunderstood. ^^”)
  • Character profiles from the Taiwanese print (below):

You Huo

Age: 27
Height: 184cm
Weight: 60kg
Hair: black
Eyes: light brown
Distinguishing Features: pale; wears a silver stud set with a gem in his right ear

Personality: aloof; his bad mood will be evident on his face; says the opposite of what he means and is a little arrogant; often sleepy; no patience

Specialties: fighting/hitting (?); sharpshooting; archery
Hobbies: sleeping (as an examinee)
Preferred Colour: black
Preferred Food: steak made by Qin Jiu
Cares About: Qin Jiu
Motto/Catchphrase: none

Qin Jiu

Age: 29
Height: 188cm
Weight: 65kg
Hair: black
Eyes: black
Distinguishing Features: hair is a little shorter than You Huo’s; wears a white gold ring on his right pinkie

Personality: casual demeanor; often smiling; usually dresses immaculately after becoming an examiner, but is actually a dangerous individual and has craziness ingrained into his bones

Specialties: skilled at any firearm or bombing equipment
Hobbies: weapons
Preferred Colour: white
Preferred Food: anything made by You Huo
Cares About: You Huo
Motto/Catchphrase: Head Examiner

Yu Wen

Age: 18
Height: 179cm
Hair: milk tea brown
Eyes: milk tea brown
Distinguishing Features: slightly curly, short hair; likes to wear large T-shirts and jeans with a little bear keychain accessory

Personality: careless; clumsy; a lively chatterbox

Specialties: slingshot; archery
Hobbies: anything besides school
Preferred Colour: orange
Preferred Food: hotpot
Cares About: parents; older cousin (YH)

Shu Xue

Age: 26
Height: 164cm
Hair: black
Eyes: black
Distinguishing Features: almond eyes; smiling lips; wears a simple ponytail

Personality: mild-mannered, gentle and quiet

Specialties: minority languages
Hobbies: making desserts
Preferred Colour: blue
Preferred Food: cream puffs
Cares About: friends; Zhao Wentu

Chu Yue

Age: 28
Height: 170cm
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: dark brown
Distinguishing Features: thin brows, slender eyes; short hair brushed behind an ear on one side; likes to wear long knitted sweaters or long trench coats

Personality: fierce and blunt; protects her own

Specialties: cold weaponry (i.e., non-combustibles)
Hobbies: traveling
Preferred Colour: mint green
Preferred Food: shrimp
Cares About: You Huo whom she sees as family

Examiner 154

Age: error
Height: 179.2cm (the 0.2 is very important)
Hair: black
Eyes: black
Distinguishing Features: pale; refined and good-looking; looks 20% like You Huo; likes dressing formally

Personality: often blank-faced, unsmiling, pretending to be serious; mild-mannered but likes complaining

Specialties: memory capacity (in theory, anything System-related)
Hobbies: watching 922 and Boss mess up
Preferred Colour: anything vibrant
Preferred Food: roasted meat
Cares About: 922, 001, A, Chu Yue

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